Journal Entry # 19 – A Love Letter in the midst of a Hold-up ( a hausmate's confession)

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A Love Letter in the midst of a Hold-up.. hehe 😛 a true story…

this is quite long, but i assure you, this is worth your time.
enjoy… ^^,)

A Love Letter in the midst of a Hold-up.. hehe 😛

It was the finals week of my second year in second year college…
So in short, it was the most toxic, huggardness… and nosebleed season of the semester.

I was on my way to spend another whole night at the computer shop of Morayta, to interpret another psychological test… (ang walang katausang psych test *-*)
On my way I had an intuition that I will experience a hold up. That was really weird and scary because I had all my money in my wallet. So in short, pag nahold up ako… patay nah… finals pa naman… hehe 😛

But I was reminded of the prayer of protection prayed in the Lord’s prayer, so I prayed, “Lord, protect me from the evil one.”

At the computer shop, it was so weird that the counter assigned me to use the computer na nasa pinakadulo… it was so unusual kasi wala pa namang tao and ang dami pang bakante sa unahan… but I don’t know, I just followed.

It was getting late and I was thinking if I should go home, or else uumagahin nanaman ako. Now, the system of the computer shop is that their charge is fixed per hour. So if you would exceed even just a minute that would be equivalent to a rate of an hour… (hmm.. sigurista…)

I was watching a very nice video but I asked God, “Lord, log-out na koh?”… (so, pati yun tinatanong kay God… wahaha) but the video was really good so I decided to watch it again…

After a minute, on my peripheral vision (naks! May ganun), I saw short man with a knife pointing to a big big man… “ilabas mo na cellphone moh!” kamusta naman, ang laki laki ni kuya pero di siya nakapalag…

I thought that was just a dream, pero totoo eh -,-… naku, what shall I do? First time ko kayang mahold-up… good thing na nasa dulo ako, others has been preparing what they could give while I am thinking how could I outwit the holdapper… (lahat kaya ng pera ko nakasalalay dito… hallleeer…pang projects ko kaya toh…)

a… kunyari di ko sya nakita.
b. throw your wallet gracey! Tago mo sa likod ng computer…
(pano pag nakita nya? Edi mas lalo kong nalagot…)
c. parang awa mo na kuya… finals ngayun, next time na lang, promise!

I cant even pray sobrang taranta… but good na nasa dulo ko so the holdapper was in a hurry na… so he didn’t had to expect me but ask whatever I could give. The guy besides was so threatened that he gave all his money, (am I nuts to do that?). but how, alangan namang bukan ko yung wallet ko ate Makita nyang may tinabi ako… o kaya, humingi ako ng sukli… hekhekhek (bright idea bay un.. wahahaha!!!!)

Sakto, I have two twenty peso bill sa bulsa ng bag koh, which I gave… and he seemed to be satisfied with that, syempre, and dami na nyang nalimos sa mga nauna sakin eh… so nakaligtas ako..

When the holdapper was about to leave, may pahabol pa yung katabi koh… “kuya, penge namang pamasahe….” Ah ganun ba, oh eto… the holdaper gave him my twenty peso bills…

Hahahah!!! Nakatulong pa ang bente koh, infairness kay kuyang holdaper, mabait pa din kahit paaano… ^-^…

When the holdappers left, all of us were devastated and shocked. Their phones and money were carried off by two robbers who threatened us of our lives. It such an irony, I was the only one crying.. the cashier asked me, anung nakuha sayo… wala po… eh bakit ka umiiyak… I was crying because of the video that was playing through out that event…

I just realized that if have logged out when I thought of doing so, I would be paying to the cashier by the time the robbers have come. And the holdaper at the cashier actually had a gun. If I have been there, siguradong nakuha lahat ng money koh… natutukan pa ko ng baril…

I may not have been able to pray during the time when the robbers were there. But I praise God, that somehow, He already showed me what would happen and so I have prayed even before the event happened. I felt that I was indeed, protected, more so, sheltered and loved. I have realized, God is really in control of every second of ourlives!


This is the video, that have caused me to stay, the video God used to spare me.
And the video, which I have accidentally seen at the youtube ngayon, which prompted me to write this story…

You know what, the essence of this story is just a fourth of the thrill and excitement you would feel if you would just watch this video.

I know you will enjoy it… God bless!



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