JE # 41 – Work is a Calling

The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.

– Genesis 2:15 NIV

May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us; establish the work of our hands for us— yes, establish the work of our hands.
– Psalm 90:17

There’s a group of young professionals in Makati (Philippines) called Thy Marketplace. They have a slogan “work is a calling”. What does it mean?

Most people separates spirituality with the secular work. Some are Christians on Sunday and “another person” on office days. Some have to be reminded that work is a sacred calling. Our God is a working God.We too should work like Him and just as what He intended for us.

Our ultimate goal is to glorify our Creator. One way to glorify Him is accomplishing His purpose for us. We are created to serve God. Serving Him is not only done on a Sunday Service but all of the seven days!

Your boss is an agent of the Lord’s good purposes. You may not agree with me. Consider yourself a travel agent. As an agent, how do you see your worth in the travel agency that you’re working? Expand your imagination. As an agent, you face different kinds of customers. Can you see yourself being used by God in reuniting families from different parts of the world? Parents coming from another country put their trust in you to arrange their flight going to a place to see their kids.What a noble work! Can you see yourself being a channel of foreigners for them to enjoy great sites of your country?

Whether you are a travel or a call center agent, God has a purpose why He put you in that area. You minister to people by meeting their needs. You minister to the company by giving them profits. You minister to yourself. You are paid because of your labor. You minister to God. You are accomplishing His good purposes!

As long as the task is not unethical or will not lead us to sin, we are serving God. Do you know someone (or you mismo) is discouraged with his or her job? Your encouragement may help the person’s struggle with work. Help that person know his or her worth in the organization where she belongs.

Hope you realized something. By the way, Thy Marketplace meets every Thursday 7:30pm at 1415 Cityland Hererra Tower Rufino st., Makati City. You may visit their website at

In fairness with Day by Day YAMAN K-O-N-E-K, we also meet every Thursday 7pm at 2F Jollibee Jupiter st., Makati.=)

Work is a ministry and should reflect the beauty of the LORD.

God bless us.


2 Tugon to “JE # 41 – Work is a Calling”

  1. repah Says:

    aba.. andami ko ng spiritwal adviser sa blogosphere ang saya-saya,..

  2. Elizabeth Rebucas Says:

    yes bro, we work good not only when the boss is watching,we should work good always even their absence ,work not only for men but for God, dito sa hawaii camera is in use hala kita kayo,

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