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JE # 56 – When You Have a Heavy Heart

Marso 29, 2008
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Kung Mabigat Ang Loob


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JE # 55 – The Excellent Family Member (Ang Mahusay na Kapamilya)

Marso 24, 2008

What are the qualities of an excellent family member? Let us take a closer look on Proverbs 31. This chapter states the traits of an excellent woman but could be applied to all family members. Let’s listen to Pastor Ed Lapiz’s insights on this.

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JE # 54 – Free Download Pagsusuri ng Isang Depression

Marso 18, 2008

This message was delivered December 09, 2007.

PASTOR ED LAPIZ MESSAGE: “Pagsusuri ng Isang Depression”


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This message is available on audio CD at Kaloob Bookstore, Bulwagan ng Panginoon, Folk Arts Theater, CCP Complex Pasay City.

JE # 53 – The Choice

Marso 17, 2008

Jesus chose the nails because He loves you. Now, will you choose Him?

JE # 52 – Pabasang Kristiano

Marso 17, 2008

According to Wikipedia, Pabasa (Spanish: pasión) is a narrative description of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ woven into a poem with stanzas of five lines and each line having eight syllables. Pasion is very popular in the Philippines during the season of Lent which is usually read (actually sung) at home or any other place where people gather. The article also said it is a form of religious expression, meditation and reflection.

The indigenization of the pasyon was begun by Gaspar Aquino de Belén in Ang Mahal na Passion ni JesuCristong Panginoon Natin na Tola (The poem of the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ), published in 1703 or 1704.

The more popular version of the pasyon is the Casaysayan nang Pasiong Mahal ni Jesucristong Panginoon Natin na Sucat Ipag-alab nang Puso nang Sinomang Babasa (The History of the Passion of Jesus Christ our Lord that will set afire the heart of whosoever reads it).

An 1852 erudition by Aniceto de Merced, El libro de la vida (The Book of Life), did not, however become popular with the masses.

Today, we can hear Pabasa being sung into modern tunes. Some are even playing musical accompaniment like guitar or rondalla.

Our church, Day by Day Christian Ministries’ flagship ministry is cultural redemption. Briefly, this means cultures must be filtered, consecrated, and offered back at the feet of Jesus Christ, to be used only for His glory. I’ll be writing a post on cultural redemption soon. Anyways, pasyon or pabasa is one of many Filipino tradition that needs to be redeemed. And we have redeemed it for the glory of God!

Pabasang Kristiano as we call it is being conducted yearly at different Day by Day daughter and satellite churches. Last Saturday was my first time to witness how Pabasa is being done. I had a hard time singing the verses. haha. We used the book that Pastor Ed Lapiz wrote, which is being used for years now. FYI, the content was based on the Bible.

As I hear them singing, the words I heard were painting on my mind the picture of what Jesus did during His time. By just listening, I was able to reflect on the sufferings that my Savior experienced for me to have an everlasting life. Many people find it so “badoy”. But for me, the time spent listening to the chants made me realized the great things about my Redeemer. In between chapters of the Pabasa were exhortations by assigned members. The messages were great. They even challenged me to preach the Gospel that was shared to me. I’m talking Matthew 28 which was the last part of the Pabasa. It was time that Jesus ordered us to go and make disciples of all nations.

This season, take time to reflect. Go back to the Bible and remember the work that Jesus did on the cross.

JE # 51 – On Entrecard

Marso 13, 2008

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JE # 50 – Jesus Festival 2008

Marso 9, 2008

Last year, I had the opportunity to be part of Jesus Festival – the 24-hour Praise and Worship. It was the first time that I was awake for 36 hours! That was a great experience to serve God as production assistant and as a singer. This year, it will be held in Tagaytay. If you’re able, please do come to give God the excellent worship that He deserves!

JE # 49 – I Miss Home

Marso 9, 2008

I miss the Pinoy Rock Music that woke me up each morning

I miss my mother’s fried rice that brought energy to my body

I even miss her scrambled egg – a very good partner of fried rice

I miss my father’s observations in life

I even miss his good counsel

I miss the sea breeze even though it smelled fishy

I even miss swimming with my siblings

I miss a lot of things and

I want to go home

JE # 48 – My Saturday

Marso 9, 2008

Saturday, March 01, 2008

It was such a long day – a day worth remembering. It seldom happens that I go to work before eight in the morning. I had my breakfast on time and signed in on time. I planned to finish all tasks within four hours but I was loaded with jobs. I logged out at 1 in the afternoon. I had to rush to Folk Arts Theater to attend Day by Day’s Multimedia Ministry’s seminar on handling video camera. New learnings were added on my mind. I learned different “magic” that can be done with the video camera. We were taught how to correctly shoot different scenes. The best thing is, I became an actor for few minutes. Haha. We applied what we learned from the seminar. I acted as a student viewing photographs in an exhibit. We’ve watch each others videos, made some reactions and recommendations. At the same time Praise and Worship rehearsal was ongoing. I immediately went to the main stage to join the recording for Praise and Worship.

This afternoon, we also scheduled a gathering of Joshua Movement Alumni. It was scheduled 2pm but I had lots of appointments during the day. It was expected that I’ll be late. We met at KFC in SM Megamall. I was blessed when I heard their testimonies. Seeing those people brought me great joy. I shared to them an answered prayer. The doctor who checked me up did not find anything (to worry about) on my X-ray result. The pain on my back and muscles were gone. Medications also did a great work here. I currently take two brands of pain relievers. Praise God for the healing!

I was also challenged to give portions of my income to Joshua. Their situation cut my heart. i don’t know the picture but i feel they’re in need of Financial support. upon hearing their stories, I decided that the 10% of my Adsense income last February will be given to Joshua. The amount is small but I know it could help.

We ended up a little bit late but that was worth. I even missed my favorite magazine show that night. I was not interested to watch Imbestigador , so I turned off the TV and faced a laptop and read an e-book about Adsense. That was 199-page e-book. I only finished reading 50 pages. By one in the morning, I stopped reading. I had to prepare myself for the Sunday worship service.

That was it – My Saturday. time is gold and we have to make most of every opportunity. I was happy for the new learnings, meeting old friends, grateful that I maximized my time. David once prayed, ” Teach us to number our days so we may gain a heart of wisdom. ” Let us pray that we may be wise in spending our time. Spend it on things that could build up our spirit and others. Continue to encourage one another (daily).

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

Thanks for reading. God bless..