JE # 56 – When You Have a Heavy Heart

Free Pastor Ed Lapiz Message mp3 download
Kung Mabigat Ang Loob


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4 Tugon to “JE # 56 – When You Have a Heavy Heart”

  1. eric bautista Says:

    thank you for posting ptr ed’s messages! to God alone be the glory for using him in His ministry! for highlighting what Filipino Christians should be!

  2. nita esplana Says:

    Pastor Ed, I’ve been listenning to your audio messages daily but I’m sad I’m unable to just simply click and download sa computer and listen to your messages while I prepare dinner. It’s been very helpful for a lot of us Filipino-Canadians who need constant reassurance that God is with us every moment.
    I’m Catholic and have spread the news to my fellow Catholics how inspiring and practical your interpretation of God’s good news in Filipino language pa ho. Please let me know how I can listen to your messages without a need of an ipod kasi ho honestly it’s so practical to listen to God’s words and multi-task as well. You can just imagine ang dami po natutulungan ninyo just by making it so accessible for “oldies ” like me-who are basically below-average in computer literacy. Thanks po and God bless you always!

  3. admin Says:

    hello. currently, InspiringEntries is undergoing transfer of mp3 files to another storage site. You may visit these links: and to listen or download mp3 sermons of Pastor Ed. Balik po kayo sa site na to for updates.It may take two months before everything will be Ok.

    Salamat po sa pang-unawa.

    Bro. Bren

  4. JB Regala Says:

    Thanks to Jesus for using Ed Lapiz as his instrument to spread us the good news about the Word of God. I have uploaded message mp3s and I better tell them to listen to Ed Lapiz’ messages so that they will accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

    JB Regalas last blog post..SPCDanceNumber.mp4

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