JE # 65 – Happy 23rd Anniversary DBD

It was the year 1985 when a group led by Eduardo Lapiz started a small Bible Study group in a country in West Asia. The group was later called the “Wednesday Group” as they were meeting on Wednesday.

In 1987, the name “Day by Day” was agreed to be the new name of the church for its meaning, repetitive poetic sound, strong consonants, and impact.

1989 was the year when Pastor Ed went back in the Philippines for threats of arrest and imprisonment due to religious work in that country. From 1989, more local churches has been planted all over the Philippines, USA, Japan, Canada, Pakistan and other West Asian Countries. For a detailed church history (the first five years), you may visit Day by Day New Jersey’s website.

I thank God for the pioneering works in West Asia. Without those people, I might not call myself a “Christian” today. Based on their stories, they had a hard time sharing and talking about Jesus there. Praise God because we can worship in this country freely. I know that their labor is not in vain. I thank Pastor Ed for his commitment, for his heart. I am a product of his ministration and is blessed by his messages. That’s the reason why I’m sharing the messages here.

If I can get a copy of the church History video, I’ll share it here next week. Happy Anniversary everyone!

Mabuhay and Dios!


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4 Tugon to “JE # 65 – Happy 23rd Anniversary DBD”

  1. Macky Says:

    I think this site is fully running already. hehehe Thanks for the plug… i was wondering on how did i help u. wow! God’s faithfulness is really great! happy anniversary to DBD ministries. yup i agree, we are so privilege that in our country we have the freedom to read our own Bible unlike in other country where persecutions are much undertaken. so sad, because only few Filipinos read the Bible. ka-awa-awa tuloy Pilipinas. hahaha God choose you to be His servant…. together we’ll serve Him because His joy is our strength. Amen? hahaha God bless!

  2. Admin Says:

    Ur right, bro. Macky.. together, we will inspire our readers to lead them in the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

    hahaha.. i know i will need ur help soon… i still dont know how to put widgets on the sidebar and a lot of other stuffs..


  3. Macky Says:

    Hello Bren! =p Unsaon pagbutang sa CBOX sa wordpress? dli man plugin ang CBOX. kanang codes nga gihatag sa CBOX, kopyaha na then kun nag-gamit ka ug widget, mg-add ka ug usa ka text then ipaste na sa contents sa text… if wala ka nag-gamit ug widget adto ka sa theme editor then i paste na dapit sa gusto nimu mabutang sud sa sidebar.php, hehehe hope nakasabot ka sa aho explaination… hehehe… =p

  4. Shamgar Douglas T. Mangida Jr. Says:

    Christian Greetings to you!

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