JE # 68 – Birthday Message

Each day is a blessing, a gift I always enjoy and everyday is an opportunity to be thankful for this gift.


This post is dedicated to people behind my success. (Haha) I may not name all of you but I know that God will surely reward the kindness you’ve shown on me. Thank you guys.

First, to the most important persons in my life – my pamily. My  pamily is the most important persons in my life. (hehe, peace Janina)

CG Salcedo, thank you for the party the other Friday. I appreciate your efforts (grabe!)

Len, Jeff, Loida, Jenny, Rodel, Codie, Steph, Marie, Kuya Robert, Jeriz, Pina, buddy Ferdz, Jose and Kuya Dex

also to my YAMAN Family especially myBro Mark, Eugene, Angel, Ate MAlou, Nena and Gin.

Former colleagues at Active Travel and Tours: Mares, Noemi, Alel, Peachy, Sheryl, Ma’am Len, Marissa and Ate Hilda.

Joaqui Tupas of the defunct show Hahahapinas, Vize and small bro Biboy, Frienster and Christianster friends.

To you who is reading this. Thank you for supporting

Above all to my Friend, Companion, Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. To You I give all the glory, honor, praises and adoration – to You alone!

Slideshow Photos courstesy of Jeriz.




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