JE # 72 – How to Enjoy Everyday/Anyday

Hello readers! How’s your day? Did you enjoy? Or are you enjoying it? I can hear from the lips of some people, “Lunes na naman!”(It’s Monday again). Monday for them is a curse. Monday is a heavy burden – a start of a week-long work. They fail to see the beauty behind their work.

Today, let’s look at the reasons why we are not enjoying a day and find ways how to really enjoy all day/ any day. Be entertained as Pastor Ed finds humor in different situations of life. He will help us see the positive side of common circumstances. Be blessed.


Buy this audio CD at Kaloob Bookstore, Folk Arts Theater CCP Complex Pasay City.


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7 Tugon to “JE # 72 – How to Enjoy Everyday/Anyday”

  1. emma Says:

    Glory to God! ganda po ng message, its really inspiring message coming from God. nand2 po me sa Israel at minsan po busy sa work lagi but really napalaki po na bagay message at nagbibigay po really ng lakas kahit po pagod physical because of work but really sa pakikinig po ng message give me strength. Salamat po sa Diyos. Totoo po na if nasa Diyos tayo dapat talaga everyday we must happy because God is Alive in He is with Us. God Bless po.

  2. Earl Says:

    God spoke!!! really… amazing!!! Para magkaron ng magandang sound effects at magandang audio kailangan ng mamahaling sound system at high quality dapat. Thank you Lord for using Ptr. Ed as a high quality channel of your Words. Yung matataas na ideya ng bibliya nagiging simple at madaling maintindihan… No one in this generation can be like ptr. Ed Lapiz. Glory to God all the more!!!

  3. Bren Says:

    Thanks emma and earl.. yes, no one is like pastor ed.. pero im hoping and praying that God will raise a new preacher in our generation na kasing wise ni pastor..

  4. Ivy Rica Says:

    It’s a blessing to hear God’s word before I sleep… Thank you God! truly Life is a gift from God that is to be enjoyed… God bless you ptr. Ed…I can sleep now..Good night!!!

  5. grace Says:

    Praise God, i found your site while surfing on Day by Day, and i was so blessed how the Lord is been using you to spread the Good News in a modern way. And the fact, that there’s always a way to reach people if we have really the desire to share God’s word. You’re truly a blessings to us. If you have time to surf on my site, feel free,it’s also other way of sharing God’s grace and faithfulness to us. I was so blessed with all of Ptr. Ed’s messgaes, he is truly,godly man that inspired people in all his message.

    graces last blog post..‘buti pa sila……

  6. Lorena Says:

    God is really so good for giving us ptr. Ed . He really inspires us spiritually.
    Thanks for a very good messages,ptr Ed.

  7. archy Says:

    i never get tired listening to pastor ed. but for some reason i cant play it now. can you help please? anyone?

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