JE # 78 – The Woman of Zarepath and the Woman of Kaloob :)

Atchie of Kaloob Philippine Music and Dance Ministry is selling yummy cakes..

Do you remember the Widow of Zarephath who gave Elijah some small amount of cake? Hindi si Atchie yun! Hahaha.. The unnamed widow prioritized the prophet’s need above herself and her son. The widow of Zarephath gives not what’s left over. She gives not out of her surplus. She gave the only flour he had. Her action is not only an act of generosity but of faith. A faith that God will sustain her after she gave what she had at hand. What happened? She had enough cakes of bread until the famine ends! Because of her goodness to the prophet, she was rewarded by God. 

Now back to the Homemade cake baker. Atchie bakes cakes from her home and not giving it for free. Hehe.. She’s selling these very special homemade cakes. Here are the varieties you can choose from:

1. NEW!!! Chocolate Banana Cake
– Small: P200 (8″ diameter round pan)
– Big: P350 (10″ diameter Bundt-pan)

2. NEW!!! Banana Cake
– Small: P80 (small loaf pan)
– Big: P200 (big loaf pan, 3x the size of the small loaf pan)

3. NEW PRICE!!! Zesty Cheesecake (you can have this in plain too, no zest)
– Small: P280
– Big: (Available only upon request)

4. Cinnamon Streusel Cake
– Small: P200
– Big: P300

And of course, still available:

5. Plain Carrot Cake
Small: P180
Big: P280

6. Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Sauce
Small: P200
Big: P330

7. Chocolate Apple Cake
Small: P200
Big: P330

8. Chocolate Apple Cake with Rich Chocolate Sauce
Small: P210
Big: P340

For orders and other inquiries, e-mail



*1st Photo: Chocolate Apple Cake (small size); 2nd Photo: Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Sauce (big size; sauce on separate container); 3rd Photo: Packaging

(Photos courtesy of Atchie)

Order na! Baka ka maubusan!!


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2 Tugon to “JE # 78 – The Woman of Zarepath and the Woman of Kaloob :)”

  1. billyboxergirl Says:

    Praise God sis.

    Ang sasarap naman nito. How I wish I’m there sa Pinas to order.

    God Bless you and the family.

    billyboxergirls last blog post..Music Vidz of d day: Almost by Tamia

  2.   | Says:

    […] selling yummy cakes.. She’s making and selling these very special homemade cakes. See next post for details. addthis_url = […]

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