JE # 92 – Gold for the Diggers

Hello everyone. Forgive me for the delay of this post. was tied up with so many month-end reports during the past two weeks. This week I’ll be sharing this message from ‘THE JESUS WAY SERIES”.

I suggest that you read Mark 4:1-20 before listening to this sermon.

To aid you in your reflection, I have listed here some analogies found in this passage:

  • seed – the word of God
  • wayside soil – the hardened hearer
  • shallow soil – the unsteady hearer
  • thorny ground – the hearer who allows the “worldly and ungodly things” in life to choke out the word
  • good ground – the faithful hearer who bears fruit
  • birds of the air – evil one.
  • sun’s heat – persecution
  • Sower – God

Jesus told four types of soil here. Reflect on what kind of soil are you. I hope you are a Type 4 soil – good and fruit-bearing. Diggers, dig with me in this sermon because the miners are rewarded with gold and diggers get the gold. Be blessed.


The message is not available on this site.

You can purchase it on audio CD at Kaloob Bookstore, Bulwagan ng Panginoon, Folk Arts Theater, CCP Complex Pasay City.


Congrats to Macky for having a new domain for Kinabuhi

Birthday greetings to Ate Joy Roxas, myBro Mark, Atong Redillas, Hashreen Caudang, Rose Monleon, Teddy Cruz, Yting, Benj Pulido, Lemar Ursua, JM Dalida, Totot, Joanne Aguirre, Atchie Monreal, Ate Ping Dagunsa, Sheryl Estrada, Sam Manlosa and John Daryl Ocampo.

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