JE # 113 – The Strength and Wisdom of A Woman

The story of the Shunamite woman is a great story of faith, of strength and wisdom. She represents a character of a noble woman that every woman ( and even man) should have. Be ministered in this preaching.

PASTOR ED LAPIZ MESSAGE: The Strength and Wisdom of A Woman



This message is available on audio CD at Kaloob Bookstore, Bulwagan ng Panginoon, Folk Arts Theater, CCP Complex Pasay City.


DAY BY DAY: Personal War and Peace


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7 Tugon to “JE # 113 – The Strength and Wisdom of A Woman”

  1. maria Says:

    very nice message.. thanks for this… šŸ™‚

  2. Mel Avila Alarilla Says:

    May I invite you to join Filipinos Unite!!!. You may do so by commenting on my post or by sending me an email at containing your name, address, name of blog and its url. Your name will be listed in an Official Registry of Filipino Bloggers permanently posted at my blog. Please join and be counted. Thank you so much. God bless.

  3. novelin matsumoto Says:

    thanks for the msg pastor ed may the Good Lord will bless u more and your church

  4. melanie Says:

    Awakening message..Thank you.

  5. melanie Says:

    salamat po!keep it up for God’s glory.and for us let us apply what we have learned!God bless po

  6. Michelle flores Says:

    Pastor Ed, happy birthday, may God bless you in all aspect.
    Thank you for the very nice message

  7. Says:

    thanks pastor for the preaching..

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