JE # 115 – Don't Judge A Tree

The Lord is like a father to his children,

tender and compassionate to those who fear him.

For he knows how weak we are;

he remembers we are only dust.

– Psalm 103: 13-14 NLT

Men, like trees experience some failures and success. Trees do bear fruit in one season and would look dry in another. Pastor Ed used tree as a metaphor of life in this sermon. Be blessed as we examine our own lives.




This message is available on audio CD at Kaloob Bookstore, Bulwagan ng Panginoon, Folk Arts Theater, CCP Complex Pasay City.


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5 Tugon to “JE # 115 – Don't Judge A Tree”

  1. len gamez Says:

    Well I remember this preaching ni Pastor Ed may pic pa nga niya when he explained this. we can’t judge a tree by one season lang kasi puwede namang next season perfect na yung flowers just like pinakita niya sa pic. same place pero next season okay na yun view.
    Not all times in our life puro problema may times din naman na okay na. we should take it as a challenge. God used those trials for us to be strong and to be ready to the next face of our life. Be thankful whatever you are right now. All of these are bleddings from God.
    Good day to all!!!

  2. Bren Says:

    did u u mean “blessings” ?

    Brens last blog post..JE # 115 – Don’t Judge A Tree

  3. dandawan Says:

    thank you bren for uploading this wonderful message.di nga naman natin pwedeng husgahan ang tao sa isang pagkakamali lang and we can not impose perfection to people because we are not also perfect.praise God because He does not deal with us according to our imperfections,weaknesses and failures.we should look our selves first before judging others dahil minsan mas malala pa tayo sa hinuhusgahan natin.thank you so much pastor Ed for this practical message.gamitin ka pa lalo ni Lord dahil marami kaming nabibless sa mga messages mo.God bless you,your family and your ministry.

  4. len gamez Says:

    yes bro blessings yun. typo error lang. hehehe!

  5. grace biadnes Says:

    pastor nakakabless talaga mga teachings mo kahit anong topic , very inspiring ! go go go pastor GOD BLESS YOU MORE

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