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JE # 126 – Why Kill Your Daughter?

Enero 28, 2009

Pastor Ed Lapiz Message: WHY KILL YOUR DAUGHTER?




JE # 124 – Elements of Romance

Enero 10, 2009

Song of Songs,  the less-preached book of the Bible can be a great source of meaningful heavenly wisdom. Many preachers are afraid to talk about the subject of this book especially if the congregation is big and one has to consider the ages of his listeners. For them, sex and marriage can be difficult to handle on pulpit.

In this sermon, Pastor Ed will share an overview of wisdom we can get from reading this book.  Listen and learn as he brilliantly teach the elements of romance.

Pastor Ed Lapiz Message: ELEMENTS OF ROMANCE



For personal study, a copy of this message on Audio CD is available at Kaloob Bookstore.