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JE #5 – The End of my Horror Episode

Nobyembre 26, 2007

I killed a man. My hand was dirty with blood. Unfortunately, there were human witnesses. I beg that they remain silent…. but they would only respond with an evil grin. i made my move. i escaped with my bro.. we went to a solitary place to reflect on the tragic episode of my life.. a good friend let us stay at his hut but he advised that i wont escape the punishment. i have to surrender. the people in his area already knew the incident.after hearing his counsel, we decided to flee again.. on our way to another place, we had to pass a dangerous foot bridge.. my bro left me.. i suffered because of my sin..

There was spot in that bridge where i have to do a “challenge”. after surviving all the challenges, i saw that the bridge is not linked to anothe place.. I was worried. “After all my sufferrings..” I thought that was the payment for my sin. i cried. I shouted. I asked for forgiveness. I asked for a way out..

Suddenly, i found myself lifted on a different location – a place of peace and solitude..There, a man dressed in white welcomed me. I felt His great love as He embraced me.. Though i was sinful he let me feel that I was accepted, i was loved.. I was filled with great joy. Later, i was facing a PC that i never touched before. =) It was only a dream….

Great is God’s love! He keeps on loving me even though i fall several times. His arms is always ready to accept me every time I come back like the alibughang anak.. Have a great day!