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JE # 51 – On Entrecard

Marso 13, 2008

Yesterday, my traffic increased to about 200 unique visitors(Thanks malinesky for approving my ad). 40-50 is my normal figure for unique visits in a day. My Adsense Income also increased! All because of Entrecard. I joined Entrecard late November last year. This program has been helping my blog gain more exposure on blogosphere. How does entrecard work?

1. JOIN. register. select ur blog’s category and description. create a 125 x 125 image. Then, copy and paste the code to your blog to display the the widget.

2. EARN CREDITS. Drop on other member’s card located somewhere on their blogs. You have to click “Drop” and wait for the message that says “Thanks”. Presto you’ve earned 1 entrecard credit! You will also earn credit by other member’s drops on your entrecard widget. Once members advertise on your blog, you also earn certain number of credits. More drops mean more credits.

3. PROMOTE. You can gain exposure by placing ads on other members. The lowest cost of advertising is 2ec. Make friends (not enemies). hehe.. At Entrecard, you will meet fellow bloggers with same interest.

Keep on dropping. It will greatly help in your promotion.

That’s the basic. For my final tip, to make your dropping easier, please visit the suggested sites below:

That’s all. happy droppin.